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2013 Prices

Derek Freiman - Garden Consultant - 2013 Consulting Rates

Hello Fellow Gardeners!

I'm pleased to announced my 2013 gardening training and consulting packages.


I come to your house and help you plan your garden space.  I teach you best practices based on my years of gardening experience.  I help you choose an excellent location based on what you want to grow.

As a consultant, I take of everything for you in terms of ordering compost, raised beds, and irrigation systems.  I help you put a weeding and watering system in place to help minimize your work during the summer.

Early Bird Special - Book before March 1, 2013 -- $500 + expenses*

The "Worm" - For those booking after March 1, 2013 -- $750 + expenses*

*Expenses include cost of compost, bed frames, seeds, starts, and any irrigation you may need.  Certainly, you can purchase these things yourself (or make them), but this is part of my service to you and I get pretty good prices on all the things you'll need.

Please contact me via Twitter.

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