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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Starting With Tomatoes

Today, I'm thinking about getting the tomato seeds started.  As I recall, it was early to mid- January last year when i got started.  I wish I had photos to share with you, but my entire living room was filled with starts.  I had over 50 tomatoes going by March - along with eggplant, serano peppers, and many other veggies.

One mistake I made last year with the tomatoes was not moving them into gallon buckets while they were growing indoors.  As a result, I had the plants in smaller pint-size containers and they got root bound.  This caused some initial disease and the plants did not look particularly healthy - although most of them transplanted just fine in April.

So, this year, I won't make that mistake.  I'll make sure to transplant my 6" seedlings into much larger gallon containers once they start to form additional leaves.

I'll post some progress pics once I get going!


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